A visit from the tree expert

Lime tree (2)

Monday 30 July

A discussion took place with the expert concerned with churchyard trees and how they can be protected during the potential dig.  The lime that is in front of the South Porch needs protecting and that means very sensitive hand digging in the potential root zone and protecting the larger roots (over 50mm diameter) when they are exposed.  There may not be many roots in the area of the archaeology anyway because of the drop in ground level.  We are pleased to learn that there is no prohibition on any work in this area. Once the dig is over, we can take steps to contain the roots to stop them growing into the archaeology and causing damage in the future.

A self-sown sycamore tree at the top of the bank by the planned footpath improvement is actually dying.  In the meantime, it will cause problems for the planned work and is possibly already causing damage to the prop store owned by the Amateur Dramatics.  The professional advice received is that this tree should be removed, although this is subject, as with all the work planned under the project, to obtaining the relevant consents where these are necessary.

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