A visit from the Diocesan Advisory Committee

Monday 23 July 2018

The Committee, led by the Archdeacon of Ashford, Darren Miller, visited St Mary and St Ethelburga to discuss the excavation and the improvements to pathways and access arrangements.  The Committee comprises representatives of the Diocese and professional advisers, including Paul Bennett, Director of Canterbury Archaeological Trust who acts as archaeological adviser to the Diocese.  His views are crucial since the archaeology in the churchyard is of huge significance and any work that is undertaken needs to be justified and carried out to an appropriate standard.  Rob Baldwin, the Project Manager, showed the Committee the site and described the work that is planned.  The Committee now needs to consider all aspects before making a decision as to whether the project as planned can go ahead.  We await their decision patiently!

DAC visit 23 07 18[4726]


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