Report from Historic England

We’re delighted say that we have received a report from Historic England in connection with our project.  Historic England is the body responsible for protecting the national heritage, and will provide advice and comment where archaeology is planned on sites of special significance.

The remains at Lyminge are regarded as being of outstanding significance.  Historic England have confirmed that they support the project and have commented that they view the work we plan to the footpaths in and around the churchyard as likely to enhance the historic environment of the parish church.

A number of people have asked why we intend to excavate the archaeological remains in the churchyard and then cover them up again.  The reason is that we do not know exactly what is there and excavation is the only way to do so.  We will use this opportunity to record what we find and this will allow us to understand what is there, work out the phases of construction, and create accurate visualisations of the building as it looked when in use.  But the remains are likely to be very fragile.  Our plan is to take steps to protect the site by laying protective material over the archaeology, providing better drainage, preventing frost damage and blocking roots from trees encroaching in the future.  This will preserve the archaeology in the best way possible.  Historic England have confirmed that they are only supporting our project because we plan to take these steps to re-bury the remains once we have gained all the information that we can.

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