So what are we hoping to find when we dig in the church yard?

Lyminge a History

We are delighted to report that Lyminge a history Part 10 is now published and there are two articles within it relating to the church.  On the cover is an extract from Canon Jenkins’s own field notes showing an early sketch of what he found and what we believe to be an early Anglo-Saxon church, dating to the time of Queen Æthelburh or very soon afterwards.

The First Church in Lyminge is an account of what Canon Jenkins recorded over a period of some 40 years about the archaeological remains he found in and around the church yard.  This provides the justification for our re-excavation and will help us to plan what we do and where we should dig.  Gabor Thomas is currently preparing the Excavation Plan to support the archaeological work that we will carry out as part of the Pathways to the Past project, drawing upon the detail in this article.

Whatever happened to St Ethelburga? The after-lives of the saints of Lyminge looks at the relics of Queen Æthelburh and St Eadburg, how they were removed from Lyminge in around 1085, how they came to be at St Gregory’s Priory in Canterbury and what ultimately may have happened to them.

You can read the individual articles by following the links above.  Copies of all 10 volumes of Lyminge a history are available from the Lyminge Historical Society, or from Premier Stores, Canterbury Road, Lyminge.

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