Crowd-funding for the project – it’s even easier to support us now!

Although we are confident that we will be able to raise significant amounts of money for our project through grants from established awarding bodies, like the local Roger de Haan Charitable Trust who have already given us generous support, or the national Heritage Lottery Fund, we don’t believe that we will find all the money we need from such sources.  We desperately need the support of the public at large as well.

To make it easier to make donations to the project, we have teamed up with PayPal and have registered on their Charity Platform.  This means that you can give by credit or debit card, or simply by using your own personal PayPal account.  PayPal charge nothing for this service, so 100% of donations come to us, and for UK taxpayers they will even administer the Gift Aid claim if you select this option, so you can increase the value of your gift through the support of the Taxman too!

If you live locally and want us to find out more about your local community, or if you are simply fascinated by the Anglo-Saxons and want to help us discover more about the roots of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England, then please do consider supporting us.

You can read more about how to support the project and how we will use your donations here

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