Works Outing!

The Pathways to the Past team enjoyed a visit to the ‘Finding Eanswythe’ exhibition at the Sasson Gallery, at Folkestone Library.  If you are quick, you can catch it yet!

We were very absorbed by the range of text to read, from a detailed ‘family tree’ of the royalty and nobility of local Anglo Saxon people, to an interesting explanation and discussion about a water course which took water from the Downs along a gradual descent to the Bayle area – if you are a water engineer, you will find this fascinating.

If you are to believe a translation of St Eanswythe’s life, she was quite a gal!  Utterly determined to follow a life of Christ, she rebutted her father’s attempts to marry her off.  She went on to found a nunnery on the very edge of the coast at Folkestone (where the water supply was vital) and performed some absolutely amazing miracles.

Additional to the historical aspects, there were interesting displays of pictures (water colours, prints and photographs of Folkestone in the past) and some intriguing three dimensional art.  The wrought iron sculpture has been created to an artist’s design by a local blacksmith and represents the feminine form of St Eanswythe, her religious background, a boat and water.

The team congratulates the curators, especially the young curators, of this exhibition and eventually hopes to produce something similar about our own St. Ethelburga.

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