Project update


We have lots to shout about.

We are delighted to be able to confirm that the National Lottery Heritage Fund have supported our project with a grant of £100,000, the maximum available under the Our Heritage programme.  This is obviously a lot of money, and it is great news that the premier grant giver in the UK has assessed our project to be worthy of such support.  However, this is not all the money we need.  We still need to find match funding to allow the project to start, and there is more to find after that if all the project objectives are to be achieved.  As of this morning, taking account of all the grants and donations received or promised already, the target we need to reach for the project to start is another £25,000.  We are approaching as many grant-giving bodies as we can identify.  We are most grateful to all those who have supported the project already, both trustees and private individuals, but there is still more to do.  If you would like to support the project, please follow the link to our crowd-funding page here

We remain confident that we will find the funds to allow the project to proceed, so in the meantime, we are continuing with our plans for the project to commence.  There will be a public meeting in the Parish Church on Sunday 12 May at 3pm.  This will be your chance to say what you would like to see amongst the activities that we are seeking to organise over the next eighteen months.  We will be looking for ideas and for people to take them forward.  Our project has budget to support events and activities, so we will be looking for proposals.  Please do come along.

The recent good weather has encouraged some activity exploring the Royal Saxon Way, our walking route from Folkestone to Minster-in-Thanet via Lyminge, exploring the landscape shaped by so many Anglo-Saxon royal women.  We hope to be carrying more news of walkers’ experiences soon.  In the meantime, we are delighted that our route is beginning to attract attention and interest, and there will be a formal public launch for the route on 29 August when the Archdeacon will join us on a walk from Folkestone to Lyminge.  We have also been talking to the local Ramblers’ group about including it in their programme of walks.  If you haven’t looked at the walk, you can read more here. Why not try it yourself now the weather is better?

Plans for the dig in the summer are progressing.  We will be launching the digging season with a return visit by the historical re-enactment group Øst Centingas, the local chapter of Regia Anglorum .  The group will be camping on Tayne Field over the weekend of 29-30 June.  We are planning some limited digging in the first week of July, outside the Old Churchyard.  The main dig, where we will be looking for volunteer help, is planned to start on 8 July and will run through until the end of August.  More details will follow when we have firmed up on our plans.

There should be more news about what is happening in the coming weeks and months, so look out for more posts.  If you haven’t already done so, why not sign up to follow the blog?  That way you can keep up to date in real time.

Rob Baldwin,  Project Manager


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