An Anglo-Saxon princely burial

Readers of this blog may already be aware of the fabulous royal tomb found at Prittlewell near Southend a few years ago.  The results of intensive research are now being published, which is why the story is in the news.  It is a great story, and there are connections with our own Anglo-Saxon settlement in Lyminge.  It is thought most likely that the tomb belonged to Seaxa, brother of King Sæberht of Essex, who died in the early 7th Century.  The mother of Seaxa and Sæberht was Ricula, sister of King Æthelberht of Kent.  That made them cousins of Lyminge’s Queen Ethelburga, who founded the monastery here.  Certainly, the kind of bling found at Prittlewell could equally have been seen in the royal feasting halls found on Tayne Field in Lyminge, around the time that the Prittlewell prince was buried.

BBC on Prittlewell Burial

On a slightly different and lighter note, and whatever your political views, I hope you find the cartoon from Friday’s Times equally entertaining.  If you scroll through the BBC story, you will understand the reference.

Times cartoon 10 May 19

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