More pictures of the 1991 dig in the Memorial Garden

A search through the archives of the Lyminge Historical Society has revealed more pictures of the dig carried out in 1991 focused on the structure that Canon Jenkins described as an Atrium (or entrance hall).  You can see more pictures in this earlier post.

Church Dig 1991 No 1


Church Dig 1991 No 3

It is possible to make out the steps that were drawn in Canon Jenkins’ plan.  The walls enclosing what appears to be a stone sarcophagus are thus the walls of Canon Jenkins’ Atrium, although it must be considered doubtful that this is an appropriate description for this structure.

Canon Jenkins Plan of the church 1875

These are tantalising images but sadly we can’t add any more detail at this time since the actual excavations have not been published.  We won’t get another chance to look at these remains since they are now beneath the surface of the Memorial Garden.  However, it will be interesting to compare the masonry in these photographs with the masonry exposed in the forthcoming dig.  At the moment, there is a suspicion that the remains excavated in 1991 were part of a separate structure and were of a later date.  Whether this is provable remains to be seen.


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