The Anglo-Saxons are coming

Posters around the village over recent weeks have been advertising the arrival of Øst Centingas, the Anglo-Saxon re-enactment group on 29-30 June.  This is to celebrate the start of the dig in the churchyard.


The group will be in costume on Tayne Field, close to the Coach and Horses, between 10.00 and 17.00 on both days.  During this time there will be craft displays of various forms, as well as a living history exhibit, including the authentic camp and a food display. 

Scheduled activities are:
Combat training and displays        10.00-11.00
Contest of authentic style games   11.30-12.30
One-on-one combat                          13.30-14.15
Battle                                                   15.00
Do come along and see history come to life.

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