The start of an Anglo-Saxon Summer

School Fete stand

The Lyminge Summer Festival has begun and at the School Fete on Saturday, the project had a table where it was possible to see a small selection of Anglo-Saxon finds.  Principally, these came from the excavation of the cemetery off Canterbury Road in the 1950s, but there was also a lovely button brooch, a chance find in a garden near Tayne Field in recent years.

Lead box

The most intriguing item displayed was the base of a lead box that was discovered in the churchyard during the excavations by Canon Jenkins in the 19th Century.  He thought this was a reliquary box, and it is fair to say that the use of lead does suggest that it was used to preserve something precious.  Whether this identification is the result of wishful thinking, however, remains to be seen.  Perhaps with the forthcoming dig it will be looked at again and a positive identification can be made.  Whatever it may be, it is nevertheless an ancient object and one associated with the long history of the church.


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