The start of a great Anglo-Saxon Summer!

Ost Centingas swordplay 30 Jun 19

Those of you who were in Lyminge over last weekend will know that we were visited by the re-enactment group Øst Centingas who were camping on Tayne Field on the site of the 7th Century royal feasting halls.

Ost Centingas camp 2 30 Jun 19

Visitors to the encampment were treated to displays of Anglo-Saxon crafts and warfare.  It was glorious weather and great fun was had by all.  At the same time we had our continuing project exhibition in the church and there was steady footfall and a great deal of interest over the course of the weekend.

Ost Centingas braiding

Øst Centingas were with us to celebrate the start of our Anglo-Saxon summer.  Last weekend we still did not know whether the dig of the Anglo-Saxon church in the churchyard would be able to go ahead.  We were still waiting for the relevant permission from the Commissary General for Canterbury Diocese.  This permission had been delayed because of objections raised by two local residents.

Now we are delighted to be able to announce that the objections have been dismissed and we have received permission to proceed with the dig.  Gabor Thomas will be in Lyminge from this weekend and we will be conducting initial preparations for the excavation to start.  The objectors have lost us a week out of the excavation season we originally planned.  We expect that we will be in a position for volunteers to join the dig from Monday 15 July.  Watch this space.

If you have already registered your interest in participating as a volunteer, you should by now have been contacted with a request for you to confirm when you are likely to be available.  Please be aware that you will need to complete the health and safety briefing before you can come on site.  You will be given further details of when these will be taking place.  Please let us know when you are available to work on site so we can plan accordingly.  We are working with a much reduced professional team compared with previous years, so it will be necessary to manage when and how we use our volunteer assistance.  If you would like to help and haven’t heard from us yet, then please get in contact  here.

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