Day 5- The work in Trench 3 continues

12 Jul Trench 3 from north

Work has continued today, excavating the path that leads from close to the south door up towards the New Churchyard and the War Memorial.  We have machined down to a level that now needs to be worked by hand, and are now extending the trench at this level towards the New Churchyard.

According to Canon Jenkins’ plan of his excavations in the 1850s, there should be a wall crossing this trench.  It is not apparent at the moment, but that does not mean it is not still buried.  This is just one of the questions we hope to answer over the coming weeks.

Work will continue next week removing the remaining tarmac that lies over the area within the Old Churchyard that will be investigated archaeologically.  This extends from the end of the Chancel up to the Tower, providing an extensive corridor where Canon Jenkins described quite a lot of archaeological remains.  They are probably lying much closer to the surface in this area than seems to be the case in the trench pictured above.


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