Day 32 – More activity in the New Churchyard

The trench in the New Churchyard east of the War Memorial continues to reveal new features, so we now have quite an array of pits and postholes.

13 Aug war mem trench 2 general view

At the eastern end of the trench, we now have the foundation of a significant wall.  We don’t have anything dating this currently, but this could be associated with the dumps of Kent peg tile that we are finding in this trench, and indeed were finding at the beginning of the dig in the first trenches we dug.  If the two are connected, then the wall is relatively late.  We do know that structures standing in Abbots Green, the name for this area when it was a field, were demolished by the Rector Ralph Price in the early 19th Century before Canon Jenkins arrived, and the stone was reused in the Rectory Farm that used to exist on the west side of Rectory Lane.

13 Aug war mem trench 2 wall

Back in the Anglo-Saxon church, we have continued to work on the burials and have removed more human remains.  We are now convinced that the “niches” cut into the fabric of the apse are not features of the building but the result of graves cut through.  We have removed one burial with its feet in the cut that is visible in the picture below in the shadow between the two patches of sunlight shining on the inside of the apse.  There is a further burial below the one just removed.

13 Aug chancel

Because of the adverse weather forecast, Day 33 will not be a working day on site.  Conditions throughout the day will be too poor for excavation to continue, but hopefully we will be back on site on Thursday.

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