Day 39 – A busy day on site

After all the publicity of yesterday, it was a busy day on site with upwards of 60 visitors throughout the day, many of them encouraged to come by the news report on the BBC News.

It was also busy because the laser scanning of the church was in progress.  This will allow us to produce 3D images of the church as it currently is.  It will be the basic material used for creating the reconstructions of the church through time.

21 Aug laser scanning

Up in the War Memorial trench, we are no closer to understanding what is going on.  We have a very large wall which may be a late medieval building.  Alongside this is a beam slot that would look very Anglo-Saxon if it were standing on its own.  Is it just coincidence that it follows the line of the wall?  We don’t know.  And then there is also a line of post holes.  It is a bit of a mystery at the moment.  So we continue to dig.

21 Aug War Memorial trench 2

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