Day 41 – A quiet day on site

The team spent today planning so there were no finds as such.  There were more planning boards and tapes around than trowels.

23 Aug planning chancel

However, we have come across an image that is of interest for Lyminge as it shows the tragic demolition of St Mary’s church at Reculver in 1809.  This church was originally built in the years after 669, and it had a triple arcade with columns made of Marquise stone just like the arcade at Lyminge.  So this gives a very good impression of what the interior division of the church would have looked like.  In the picture, one of the columns has already been removed, but the other is still standing.  Both these columns are now in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral.  They stand 5.2m (17 feet) high and the arches above add a further 1.5m (5 feet).  This was a lofty but narrow building.

23 Aug Reculver demolition


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