The next phase of our project

There is more to our project than just the archaeological excavation of the Anglo-Saxon church.  In order to move on to the next phase, we are delighted to announce that we have appointed White Cliffs Countryside Partnership (WCCP) as our new Community Engagement Manager.

Those of you who have attended our public meetings or who read the Lyminge Newsletter will already know that the next phase of our project involves developing a range of hands-on activities for the local community.  The idea is to put on events in which local people can participate.  We want to help develop more awareness of the wonderful historic and natural environment in which we live.

Over the remainder of the year, WCCP will be working with us to put together a programme of activities for 2020.  They will be reaching out to village organisations to get involved and will be inviting bids for funding to cover the cost of activities.  If you have ideas, please get in touch.

In developing the creative side of the project, we have appointed two local artists as artists in residence with commissions to create permanent works of art inspired by the historic environment of Lyminge.  We are eagerly waiting to see what Helen Lindon and Kate Beaugié create for us.  These commissions are just the start and we will be appointing other artists to work with village groups and/or to create original pieces over the remainder of the project.

We will also be working with Heritage Consultant Laura Samuels to create a legacy within the village for the past decade of archaeological excavations.  Laura has previously worked in Lyminge and was the designer for the information panel already installed on Tayne Field.  As a first step, we will be creating more panels to a similar design to cover both the excavations in the churchyard this summer and other sites that have been revealed by past excavations so that we have an archaeological trail through the village.

If you have ideas that might help us develop any of the themes discussed above, do get in touch.  We also have other ideas of our own, so watch this space for further developments. 



One thought on “The next phase of our project

  1. Well done. It is great news to know that we have such a dedicated team who are opening to the world the history of this corner of Kent.


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