Back-filling continues

09 Oct Churchyard

With the better weather this week, the work of back-filling the site is proceeding apace.  The great spoil heaps have been reduced and they are being used to fill the area that was dug over the course of the summer.

09 Oct No 3 gravel base

The type 3 aggregate sub-base for the new path has now been laid over the chancel of the Anglo-Saxon church.  After all the painstaking excavation, it is all being covered up again quite quickly now that the work has begun.

09 Oct War Memorial trench

Up in the War Memorial trench, the result of the recent heavy rain is that the archaeology is now showing up very clearly against the natural chalk.  The walls of the archbishops’ residence are showing resting directly on the chalk bedrock.  It wasn’t so obvious before but it is now clear that the two fragments of wall are chopped off and do not adjoin each other.  If the walls once continued to join at a corner, the robbing has been very thorough.  The chalk in the gap is showing as quite pristine white with no remnants of wall apparent.

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