Our book launch

There was a great deal of excitement in Lyminge Library today as we held our first launch event and sold the first copies of our first project publication: Diary of a Dig.


The book is the joint work of Liz Coleman and Rob Baldwin, who between them were responsible for writing the daily blog posts during the excavation and then editing them so they could be put on the display board on the viewing platform.  This was the basis for the book we have now produced, recording the day by day progress of the dig.

Visitors to the Library event were able to buy copies signed by the authors.

11 Oct launch event

If you would like to buy a copy, there will be a repeat event in the Library next Tuesday at 3.30 where signed copies will again be available.  Otherwise, you can buy a copy in the Library on any day during opening hours or from Liz Coleman at Sunny Cottage, (behind the Coffee Cabin in Canterbury Road).

If you are reading this and do not live locally, you can buy a copy on-line here.  We are inviting a minimum donation of £6 to cover the book plus postage to addresses in the UK, £7 for addresses in Europe, and £8 for the rest of the world.  Please follow up with an email to geopaethas@gmail.com to provide your postal address so we can then mail the book to you.


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