Forthcoming talks about the dig

Particularly if you were not able to attend Gabor’s end of dig talk on 31 August, there will be a number of opportunities to catch up on the findings from the dig over the coming months.

I will be giving an illustrated talk at Etchinghill Open House, in the village hall, on 25 November, entitled “Ethelburga’s legacy: the exceptional discoveries in the churchyard at Lyminge during the summer of 2019”.  The session starts at 10 am.

Next year on 16 January, I have been booked by the Friends of Canterbury Archaeological Trust.  My talk there is entitled: Invention and imagination: re-interpreting the early masonry church uncovered in Lyminge during 2019″This will be an evening talk.  Venue details are available through the Friends of CAT website.

Further in the future on 12 May, I will be giving the same talk as I’m giving to the Friends of CAT to the Studying History and Archaeology in Lympne group.  This group meets in Lympne Village Hall at 7pm.

On a slightly different theme, I will be giving a talk entitled “In Search of King Edwin” at Lyminge Historical Society on Tuesday 3 March 2020.  (This is a change from the published programme.)  The society meets in the Tayne Centre in Church Road, Lyminge at 7.30pm.  This talk will consider the Staffordshire Hoard, the massive hoard of 7th Century Anglo-Saxon gold and silver war gear discovered near Lichfield in 2009, and its possible association with King Edwin of Northumbria, the husband of Queen Ethelburga.

Finally, I am delighted to report that sales of Diary of a Dig are going well.  We have now covered our printing costs, so the proceeds of any further sales go directly towards the project.  We are not anticipating doing another printing.  So if you want a permanent record of the dig and still haven’t got a copy, you need to be quick.  Details on how to get your copy are available here .

Rob Baldwin

3 thoughts on “Forthcoming talks about the dig

  1. Thanks Rob,

    The talks look great but living so far away its difficult for me to get to Lyminge.

    See the reference to the Diary of a Dig please could I purchase two copies for a couple of friends? I am happy to pay the postage.

    With Best Wishes



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