Continuing work in the church yard

Over the past two weeks, our contractors have been working hard to finish off the paths and tidy up where spoil heaps had been left following the dig last summer.  The spoil heaps have now been levelled and the spoil spread in a number of places in the churchyard to even up ground levels.


Work at the moment is focusing on laying the brick edge to the new paths.  At the war memorial, the new surround has been marked out with an octagon to match the base of the memorial itself, as you can see in the picture above.  Topsoil will be back-filled against the outside of the brick.  Below is a sample of the new resin-bound aggregate surface that will be laid inside the brick to form the new path.  The individual stone chips are quite small, and are bound together with a water-permeable resin, providing a completely solid surface to walk upon but one through which rain water can drain freely.  We have chosen the mix of stones to complement the range of colours in the stone of the church.  The archaeology will be marked out in the paths using the same material, but in a colour range that reflects weathered natural chalk.


We will be laying the bricks salvaged from the old paths from the main entrance off Church Road under the buttress and round the south side of the church.  These bricks will be laid next week.  The rest of the paths are being edged with new brick, as you can see in the pictures accompanying this post.


The brand new path to the north door is also proceeding.


The work is proceeding well, but of course at the moment the church yard remains a building site with hazards creating a health and safety risk.  For this reason, this area of the church yard will remain closed for the time.  We hope that work will be completed by the end of the month.


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