Progress on the church yard paths


Our contractors have made good progress on the paths since they were able to return to work earlier this month.  The aerial view above shows the line of the new path that leads round to the north door where the new threshold will allow step-free access into the church.



In this current phase of work, we have removed the last of the old tarmac path surface from the paths at the main entrance and leading off the footpath along the north boundary of the churchyard, towards the top of the picture above.  We have installed a new brick edging throughout, recycling old bricks where we could, and currently have laid the sub-base of corase aggregate.  This will provide the foundation for the new path surface of water-permeable resin-bound aggregate.



As well as the new path to the north door, we have also laid a new path leading up to the War Memorial and 100 years after it was built, have also laid a hard surface around it for the first time.  Top soil will be laid up to the brick edge so that the grass can be restored.


A new handrail will be installed from the main gate beyond the door on the south side of the chancel up to the end of the nave where the gradient levels out.  The holes have been dug to take the uprights for the handrail, which will be put in shortly.

20200527_102539 By the south door of the church, the paved area has been greatly extended.  The outline of the Anglo-Saxon church will be marked out in the new path surface when it is laid.


We have today taken delivery of the first load of fine aggregate that will be laid on top of the coarser aggregate you can see in all these pictures.  This is the final foundation layer for the top surface, which we are now expecting will be laid in the first half of June.

In the meantime, the work area does still remain a building site and it creates a health and safety risk.  Unfortunately, therefore, although there is still access to the west end of the church yard off Court Lodge Green (“the bumpy field”), there is no through way and the whole path area to the east of, and including, the War Memorial remains closed.  We will open it as soon as we can.

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