Further progress in the church yard

With the rubber crumb laid, it was possible today to mark out the outline of the 7th Century Anglo-Saxon church.


This task got underway this morning with string and nails, and a can of spray paint.


It was interesting to find that the interior radius of the apse was exactly 90 inches.


Aluminium battens will be laid over these lines to create the mould for the material that will form the outline of the church.  It will be possible to see the outline of the church where it lies beneath the path, although there is a portion of the nave that remains buried beneath the graveyard.  Although very little of the nave survived, the small fragment of west wall found during the dig last summer allows us to plot the full dimensions of the church with complete confidence.  We have decided therefore to show the outline even where the walls had been completely dug away by later graves.  This will make it much easier to appreciate the actual scale of the church.


Up at the War Memorial, the top surface has been laid.  This needs to harden over the next 24 hours, so it is important that no one walks on it in the meantime.


Further down the path, we have also marked out the walls of the presumed Archbishops’ residence, found during the dig last summer.  These are being laid out in a lighter colour to reflect the colour of the natural chalk bedrock.  We are planning to place an information panel at this point on the path to explain about the archaeology in this part of the church yard.


This part of the church yard must remain closed for the time-being to give the new path a chance to harden.  There will be time enough in the future to put it to good use.


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