The Church Yard re-opens!


I am delighted to report great progress after a full week of work laying the new paths in the church yard.  The path leading from the main gate was laid up to and beyond the Priest’s Door on the south side of the Chancel this morning.  This area will be open to walk on by Sunday.


The rails forming the mould have been partially laid out around the outline of the Anglo-Saxon church and work should continue here on Monday, marking out the 7th Century church.


Elsewhere, the path from the North Gate is laid and open for use.


So too is the path to the North Door.  We still need to complete works to the doorway itself to create full step-free access, but at least we now have a path to make the doorway accessible in a way that it never was before.


The path past the Memorial Garden is laid, but remains closed while work is completed around the church porch.


In the New Church Yard, the path to the War Memorial is complete and open for use.


The outline of the walls of the Archbishops’ Residence is marked out where the wall foundations lie under the path.


There is now a route open through the church yard from the gate off Court Lodge Green (“the Bumpy Field”) to the North Gate on to the footpath that leads down the side of the church yard along Church Lane.  We hope to have all the paths open on Wednesday once the surface around the church porch has been laid and has had a chance to set.

It was really nice to receive so many compliments about the new path from dog walkers while I was up in the church yard this afternoon re-arranging the barriers and notices to make clear where people can and can not walk.  Thank you everyone for your patience while this work was in progress.  It has taken a while to get here for various reasons largely beyond our control.  But hopefully we will be able to agree that it has been worth it.


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