Prints of Ethelburga’s church for sale

Lyminge 7th century monastery
PRINT 1: Archaeological reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon monastery in Lyminge, Kent c800 (© Dominic Andrews –

We are delighted to announce that prints of Dom Andrews’ wonderful reconstructions of Queen Ethelburga’s church and Lyminge monastery are now for sale. You can read more about the process and the deliberations behind the reconstructions here. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the image of the interior of the church.

Each image is printed on heavy 300gsm paper, each sheet measuring 32cm x 45cm (12.5 x 17.75 inches). The printed image of the monastery (Print 1) is 27 cm x 40.5 cm (approx 10.75 x 16 inches) and the interior image (Print 2) is 30.5 cm x 30.5cm (approx 12 inches square). 

We are offering these prints for sale at £5 each, plus packing and postage, or you can arrange to collect your print(s) in person.

Please click through to our ordering page here to place your order.

We hope you enjoy these prints. It has been a fascinating experience creating them, and we believe they do an excellent job bringing Ethelburga’s church and the monastery founded at Lyminge to life.

Lyminge church in the 7th century
PRINT 2: Archaeological reconstruction of the interior of the Anglo-Saxon church in Lyminge, Kent c650 (© Dominic Andrews – www,

3 thoughts on “Prints of Ethelburga’s church for sale

  1. Hello Rob

    Thanks for this. I’d very much like to get copies of the prints. I’ve tried to send money using the link to the Paypal page in your email, but I can’t get it to work – I’ve filled it in, but when I press Donate Now I get a message saying the donation can’t be processed and to try another way of making a donation. Is this just me, or have other people had this problem?


    David Mudd 0777 630 6767


  2. There appears to be a problem with the PayPal site that we are seeking to get resolved. I will let you know if we can sort this, or if we need to set up an alternative method of payment. Thanks for bearing with us. Rob


  3. Hello Rob (hope this is the right email address)

    Thanks for your message. I still can’t get the Paypal donation page to work, but I have used the page originally set up to fund the project, and have sent a Gift-Aided donation – copy of receipt below, for your accounts

    I’d like one copy of each of the prints. Could you post them to:

    David Mudd 17 Chauntry Rd Maidenhead Berks SL6 1TR

    Many thanks, & best wishes for Christmas and the New Year



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