Progress at the church

The block of ragstone selected for the new sculpture in the churchyard

Work is progressing to complete the new artworks that are being created for the church. Gallaghers of Maidstone have very generously donated a piece of ragstone that will be turned into a piece celebrating the achievement of Queen Ethelburga who built the first church at Lyminge, probably in the 630s. This was the church explored in the excavation of 2019.

We have used oak recycled from redundant pews to create a panel that will be used by local artist Kate Beaugié to create her work ‘Eternal Source’, depicting the course of the Nail Bourne from its source at Lyminge to the sea. The board is heavy and we needed to check how it will hang on the uneven wall of the church before the image is painted.

New display unit for the North Aisle

Working with our heritage design consultant, local joiners Thoroughly Wood have created for us a new display unit in solid oak. This will house the touchscreen through which the new 3D interactive reconstructions of the church can be accessed. The unit will also have some archaeological artefacts from the dig on display. The picture above shows the unit in the workshop, almost complete, and awaiting its finish.

Watch out for further posts as we move these projects forward to completion in time for the Lyminge Anglo-Saxon Festival at the end of June.

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