New information panels for the village

Long-term readers of this blog will remember the unveiling of the first information panel on Tayne Field, commissioned by the Lyminge Historical Society and created by Laura Samuels of historical consultancy Jakaranda Tree working with graphic designer Lee Simmons. One of the key aims of the Pathways to the Past project has been to build on this beginning and expand the number of panels so that we have information on the ground to explain the huge amount of archaeological work that has taken place in Lyminge since 2008. With a grant from Lyminge Parish Council matching the funding received from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have now added four new panels.

The panel sitting within the outline of the Anglo-Saxon church in the churchyard

The panels have been created for us again by Laura and Lee to provide consistency with the first panel on Tayne Field. As with the first panel, they have been made for us by Pryorsign of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, and they were installed over Wednesday and Thursday this week in pretty hot conditions.

We now have two panels within the churchyard looking at the creation of Queen Ethelburga’s church in the 7th Century, the development of the shrine of St Eadburg in the 9th to 11th Centuries and the building of the Archbishops’ Palace in the later medieval period. The panel in Court Lodge Green (the “Bumpy Field”) looks at the Anglo-Saxon monastery that occupied this area as well as the churchyard, and a further panel in Well Field covers the spring of the Nail Bourne, once the site of a camp of Mesolithic hunters 8,000 years ago, and later known as St Eadburg’s Well, a holy well that is associated with miracle stories in the Anglo-Saxon period.

The information panels are intended to give a good introduction to the archaeology of the surrounding area for both residents and visitors. We are currently working with the Parish Council and the Lyminge Historical Society to create new visitor information material for the noticeboards in the Station Road carpark, and a new visitor leaflet is in preparation highlighting what there is to see in the village, which includes these panels.

5 thoughts on “New information panels for the village

  1. I am delighted to say that a visitor leaflet is at an advanced stage of preparation. We are working with the Parish Council on this, and also with the Council and the Lyminge Historical Society to revamp the noticeboard displays in the Station Road Carpark. This will provide much needed information for visitors parking at the carpark to encourage them to explore. The leaflets will be available at various points in the parish and at other sites too, like the TI office in Canterbury.


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