The Stones of Lyminge

Building stone does not occur naturally in Lyminge – it has to be brought in. Have you got any stone in your house, in outbuildings or in your garden? Do you know where it came from? There is a chance that your stones may be part of Lyminge’s history.  Stone robbing is as old as … Continue reading The Stones of Lyminge


About the Project Home Page Our Project Objectives Why is the domain name “Geopaethas” ? About the History  Anglo-Saxon Lyminge – why the village is so significant Why is Lyminge Parish Church important? Who was Ethelburga? Did you know?…… Excavating Queen Ethelburga’s Church Further reading on Anglo-Saxon Lyminge Lyminge is unique! The Stones of Lyminge Uncovering the history … Continue reading FIND OUT MORE

Day 40 – The last area of the Anglo-Saxon church uncovered

The last area of the Anglo-Saxon church to be explored is the area under the porch.  We had contractors on site to lift the flagstones. Underneath the porch, as we suspected, the substructure is precarious to say the least and needs to be addressed before the flagstones are replaced. We have found the nave wall … Continue reading Day 40 – The last area of the Anglo-Saxon church uncovered