Lyminge is one of Britain’s Pilgrimage Places

Earlier this month, the British Pilgrimage Trust published a new book designed to highlight the great number of historic and often beautiful pilgrimage sites that still exist across Britain today.  Many of these are linked by paths that are becoming increasingly popular as walking routes, used by people in search of wonderful walking regardless of … Continue reading Lyminge is one of Britain’s Pilgrimage Places

Eanswythe found!

In 1885, workmen carrying out work in the chancel of St Mary and St Eanswythe, Folkestone, discovered a lead casket containing a collection of bones.  At the time, it was thought that these could be the relics of St Eanswythe, patronal saint of Folkestone and niece of our own Queen Ethelburga in Lyminge.  But there … Continue reading Eanswythe found!