Location of the new artworks in and around the Parish Church of St Mary and St Ethelburga, Lyminge


A permanent installation in Lyminge Parish Church by local artists Katharine Beaugié, Helen Lindon, Elaine Tribley and Ethelburga Quilters

Welcome to Pathways.  We hope you will feel inspired to come and explore our ancient church, to sit and contemplate the artworks created for this sacred space, and experience something of the atmosphere that inspired our artists.

Eternal Source…celebrates…the Nail Bourne, the river that rises in Lyminge, and its journey from source to sea…[it] is made to reflect our time, yet [to] exist comfortably, forever within the church context.” (Katharine Beaugié) 

“The Two Saints are a presence rather than real figures…more spiritual than physical…more about ‘faith’ than reality…timeless…both local and universal, intimate and vast…[the piece] depicts great damage and the possibility of healing…[and the figures] suggest we hold the future of our beautiful, damaged planet in our hands.” (Helen Lindon) 

“Sited [to] be a focus of contemplation and prayer, open and hospitable to those of all faiths and none, Monument to Ethelburga with its symbols layered with Christian and more universal meanings offers to all of us a challenge and a welcome to make this holy space our own.” (Elaine Tribley) 

The Ethelburga Quiltwas inspired by recent archaeological discoveries in Lyminge – a tangible link to the woman who arrived to found the first church and religious community and who would have designed and sewn its first textiles to the glory of God.” (Liz Coleman, Chair of Ethelburga Quilters) 

From July to November 2021, Pathways is participating in the Fringe of Folkestone Triennial, the international art exhibition.