Crowd-funding for the Project


The first Anglo-Saxon church of Lyminge was originally excavated in the 1850s.  Until this summer when the dig started, no one had seen it for almost 90 years since it was reburied in 1929.

The Pathways to the Past project offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore this unique site with modern techniques and add to our understanding of Lyminge as a centre of royal and ecclesiastical power and a cradle of Christianity in Southern England 1,400 years ago.

Over the past few months, we have been putting more detail to the work proposed under the project and obtaining costings for the different elements. If everything planned for Pathways to the Past goes ahead, then the entire project is likely to cost in the region of £200,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money! The team is already successfully contacting fundraising bodies, but there is a long way to go and we do not think that grants will cover everything.

The three most financially significant components of the project are:

  1. The re-excavation of the early Anglo-Saxon Church. This is located in the churchyard under the footpath leading to the south door. We will use the opportunity to explore for archaeology more widely along the line of the paths in the churchyard. This is planned for July and August 2019. This church is described by Historic England as of ‘outstanding importance’. Even with volunteer support to carry out much of the excavations, we estimate this part of the project will cost around £30,000.
  2. The photogrammetric survey of the archaeological remains and the standing church to support three dimensional reconstruction of the church site throughout its history. This will on its own cost at least £30,000 and possibly up to £50,000, depending on the complexity of what is found in practice. However, we believe this will provide the most tangible legacy for the project. These reconstructions are intended to be available through a monitor in the church and on-line. We think this will provide a way of understanding the significance of our church and the importance of our village not just locally but nationally and internationally as well, now and going forward into the future.
  3. Improving disabled access to the churchyard, and creating step-free access to the church via the north door. The church is open to all throughout the day. It is available for private contemplation, and for talks and concerts as well as for regular church services, baptisms, weddings and funerals, and annual festivals and events such as Christmas, Easter and Remembrance. The churchyard is available for use by the whole community, and many people tend graves regularly. With the enhanced profile of Lyminge as a tourist destination, we can expect more visitors to the church and its environs. The current estimate of the cost of these works within the church yard itself is in the order of £20,000, with further work planned to improve the footpath outside.

Pathways to the Past is seeking grants from a wide range of bodies, on top of the £100,000 that we have already secured from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  However, the available grants are unlikely to cover everything. This is why we are also seeking crowd-funding.

If you would like to help fund this momentous and exciting project, even in a small way, then please send us your donation.  Pathways to the Past is a project of the Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Ethelburga, Lyminge. Donations received for the Pathways to the Past project will be held in a bank account designated for the project and will not be used for general church expenditure.


We have created a crowd-funding campaign at Go Fund Me where you can give by card or via PayPal.  We can accept donations in all major currencies, including Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.  If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the box and you will increase the value of your gift by 25% through Gift Aid at no cost to you.



Cheques should be made payable to “Lyminge PCC Pathways to the Past”.  If you live locally, we have a drop-box at Lyminge Library where you can leave cheques in a sealed envelope or any other post for the project such as a request for hard copy information about what we are doing, or you can also send post to 1 James Close, Lyminge CT18 8NL.


Alternatively, if you wish to pay by bank credit transfer, please contact me at  I will provide you with the bank details and a reference number so we can track receipts and allocate them correctly.

If you give by cheque or credit transfer, you may also increase your gift by 25% by completing and returning the Gift Aid form for Pathways to the Past  downloadable here.

All help for the project is greatly appreciated and will be publicly acknowledged when the project is complete.  Many thanks in advance.

Rob Baldwin, Project Manager