Did you know?……

After recent archaeological digs at Lyminge we can boast that:

  • Lyminge contains the only royal estate centre excavated in Kent.
  • Finds show one of the most complete sequences of pottery for any Anglo Saxon site in England demonstrating continuity of settlement from soon after the departure of the Romans in the 5th Century up to the Norman Conquest.
Plough coulter
The Plough Coulter being excavated
  • The most exciting discovery of a plough coulter (continental technology!) is the earliest evidence of use of the heavy plough in England.
  • The largest collection of vessel glass from any Anglo Saxon site demonstrates feasting on a large and luxurious scale.
  • One of the royal halls contains one of only two examples of concrete used in an Anglo Saxon building (the other is in Dover).
  • What is probably one of the earliest masonry churches built in England after the Roman period, associated with one of the first monasteries, is now being re-excavated.