The Stones of Lyminge

Building stone by church carpark entranceBuilding stone does not occur naturally in Lyminge – it has to be brought in. Have you got any stone in your house, in outbuildings or in your garden? Do you know where it came from? There is a chance that your stones may be part of Lyminge’s history.  Stone robbing is as old as stone buildings, and when buildings go out of use, building stone is recycled more often than not, but it may not travel very far.

Stones 1We know that Roman tiles were brought to Lyminge and built into the church. There could be Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Medieval building stone around the village, and some may have been re-used more than once. If you have or know of any stones, send us pictures. We may want to come and have a closer look, record what you have and perhaps carry out analysis to find out where the stone came from. So, please get in touch, whether you have information to share or want to take part in the survey.Stones 2

If you live in the ‘old’ parts of Lyminge, for instance, High Street and around the church, or North Lyminge, your stones will be of particular interest.  Let us know when we can come and look.  Here’s an example of what you can find if you just go and look!